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UtART is devoted to creating illustrations and patterns. Here, she plays with different techniques, styles, colours and textures. One of the main passions of Uta Naumann aka UtART is to create beautiful lush flowers and plant cottagecore patterns from historical paintings and illustrations, which she sometimes combines with historical figures and animals which you can get here in this beautiful Vintage Love Shop on all kinds of home decoration products. Over the years UtART has developed her designs around her love of nature, colors and flowers. She draws inspiration from antique illustrations and from pharmaceutical plants, especially tropical vegetation and roses. Uta describes the way in which she creates her designs as "drifting" - a wonderful collection of exquisite patterns and designs. If you make a purchase, please consider leaving a photo review here & don't forget to share a link to your purchase on your social media platform, you can tag me on Instagram... @utart_home … Thank you for stopping by, have an awesome day Contact via Visit


As a customer you can feel 100% secure when shopping with us. We’re a Swedish company with years of experience of selling wall murals online. Choose from a wide range of sensational designs, all carefully selected and printed to order.

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