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Iris Lehnhardt
Iris Lehnhardt

Iris Lehnhardt

Iris Lehnhardt is a German visual artist. Her aesthetic is a homage to a variety of colours, shapes and forms often found in nature. Iris is skilled using various media, such as painting, photography and digital art, often combining them in her artwork. Painting, however is her passion and preferred medium, in which her subtle and exquisite colour hues can be seen. Her artistic expression is often intuitive and gestural. Each artwork has its own individual process, as her paintings are created from experimenting and combining elements of collage, wax, acrylics, charcoal, grafite, chalk and ink. Iris is known for her creative expression of marks and brush strokes with her unique touch of minimalist detail.


texture beige bleu

Texture beige bleu

tex mix green

Tex mix green

texture pale green

Texture pale green

tex mix purple

Tex mix purple

rosy pink texture

Rosy pink texture

earth ocre

Earth ocre

tex mix magenta glow

Tex mix magenta glow

shades of green

Shades of green

Texture grey ochre

Texture grey ochre

spring time

Spring time

gradient horizon

Gradient horizon

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