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At Happywall, we care about being transparent, both in how we work and how we handle the information we collect about our visitors. Here we tell you how and why we process personal data and cookies on our website, as well as your rights and our obligations to you. The most important for us is that you should get the best experience and at the same time feel you as a customer with us. This policy will change and be updated as the new one The Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR") is being developed. It may be that we discover for ourselves that we need to improve or clarify something. Would we do any significant changes, we promise to announce it in an appropriate manner.

Personal data controller

Happywall is responsible for the processing of personal data on this website. This means that it is our responsibility to ensure that you as a visitor:

  1. Aware of why and how we collect your personal information.
  2. Can make active choices to approve or deny processing and storage of yours personal data (we do not process your personal data but yours approval).
  3. Can update their information.
  4. May be forgotten from the system and that the information we process about you be deleted.
  5. Can have all personal information we store about you disclosed to you.
  6. May request that we export your personal information when, for example, changing supplier.
  7. Have your personal information in safe custody with us. We do not hand them out third party without your being informed and expressly agreeing to how and why this happens.

Personal information and cookies

Personal information includes everything that can identify you personally; name, address, social security number, e-mail, etc. In addition to personal information, there are also cookies. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer via the browser (unless you are turned off cookies) when you visit a website. Their function is to gather information about how a visitor uses a website, often to be able to offer customized content.

Why does Happywall store your personal information and cookies?

Required Features

We have cookies that are necessary for the functions on the website to work. For example, they are the ones who keep track of what you have put in the shopping cart.

For analysis

Some cookies are for us to be able to measure and analyze how our website performance and how our customers use it, so that we can improve the experience.

For your experience

Some cookies remember your settings (such as your country and language selection) and temporarily saves parts of the site when you surf around, so that everything loads faster. The makes your experience much better.

For marketing

We also use cookies to deliver better, more relevant marketing and ads for you. They help us to show things that you are interested in and to measure how our campaigns are performing. If at any time you leave your email address to us during your visit to the website links the cookie to your e-mail address. We primarily use cookies to improve our services so that you can get them best experience. In your browser, you can clear your cookies, but also choose to turn them off completely. Keep in mind that some parts of our website may stop working for you. Within the framework of retargeting and banner advertising, we use services from third parties parties, who save cookies on our site.

How do we handle cookies?

Cookies are tracked using trackers, for different purposes. In our case, it's all about about offering the visitor a tailor-made experience of our range. We will not share, sell, transfer or otherwise disclose your information in addition what is stated in this policy, if we are not obliged to do so as a result of a court decision or if we have obtained your consent to such division e.g. in marketing purpose. This does not exclude that we may use providers who process your data for our bill in accordance with written agreements and our instructions. The supplier who gain access to your data (eg when we use a third party to store data on a server), no right is given to use your data for purposes other than those purposes set out in this policy.

Which cookies does use?

  • Google Adwords - A cookie is set and a pixel is used to track your journey and experience on our websites in order to customize the content of Google Adwords and to optimize the advertising on the Google Ads platform. < / li>
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing - used for remarketing.
  • Facebook ads - a cookie is set, and a pixel is used to track your journey and experience on our websites to customize the content of Facebook's advertising software and to optimize advertising on Facebook's platforms.
  • Laravel - Cookies used to be able to have a session on Happywall. It is required to be able to add items to your shopping cart and to be able to create an order. To be able to see liked and previously visited motifs.
  • How we use the information we collect.

    What personal information do we collect when you order a product and for what purpose?


    To be able to handle order / purchase.

    Treatments performed:

    • Delivery (including notification and contacts regarding delivery).
    • Identification and age control.
    • Payment management (including analysis of possible payment solutions which can include a check against payment history and collection of credit information).
    • Handling of complaint and warranty matters.

    Categories of personal data

    • Name.
    • Social Security number.
    • Contact information (eg address, email and phone number).
    • Currency History.
    • Payment Information.
    • Purchase information (eg which item has been ordered or if the item should delivered to another address).

    You prevent the storage of cookies and the deletion of already stored cookies via your browser. The procedure varies depending on the browser, so we refer you to your browser's help section to find the right path.

    To update their information

    To update your personal information, you only need to contact us. To have your information disclosed or forgotten Do you want to know what personal information we have stored about you or want to be forgotten from ours system, contact us. We will then send you all the information we have stored as soon as possible.

    Third Party Information

    Your personal information is secure with us. We do not sell or exchange your information. But your information is shared with our steps

    Secure payment

    Payment is made via Happywall does not have access to your card details.

    Contact us

    Contact us if you have questions about personal information & cookies.

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