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Ana Rut Bré
Ana Rut Bré

Ana Rut Bré

Ana is specialized in modern abstract designs and paintings that are perfect for printing on various interior products such as framed arts, wall murals, pillows, and more. She has a background as a professional designer and studied art, bringing a wealth of experience and creativity to her work. She has a keen eye for color, composition, and form, and is skilled in producing high-quality designs that will make a statement in any space. In addition to her artistic talents, Ana is also experienced in preprint work and is able to work with huge formats in high resolution, ensuring that the final product is of the highest quality. Her designs are versatile and can be printed on products that are suitable for a variety of interior styles. From minimalist to maximalist, her designs can help you achieve the look you desire. Vita and studies: graduation as communications designer, art study, painting classes ... www.brefinearts.de


Mid Century Bauhaus vivid

Mid Century Bauhaus vivid

mid century vivid geometry

Mid century vivid geometry

boho orange fall

Boho orange fall

modern vintage geometry green

Modern vintage geometry green

Mid Century vivid

Mid Century vivid

geometric mid century shapes

Geometric mid century shapes



gradient geometric mid century

Gradient geometric mid century

peach fuzz geo pattern

Peach fuzz geo pattern

bauhaus playfull geometric

Bauhaus playfull geometric

mid century abstract modern

Mid century abstract modern

new mid mod shapes colorful painted

New mid mod shapes colorful painted

mid century pastel 2

Mid century pastel 2

Mid Century Geometric

Mid Century Geometric

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