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Jacob von Sternberg
Jacob von Sternberg

Jacob von Sternberg

Jacob von Sternberg is a published, professional artist, designer, philosopher and photographer. 2014 - Collaboration with US legend Tony Ward, who honored Jacob's work with an exclusive photo production and a global feature. Two portraits of Jacob were also shot during the production. The photo series was published later worldwide. Jacob's artistic research gathered a larger audience and his works achieved attention in the USA and Asia. In his interior design career Jacob soon won several prestigious, global awards for his unique design approach and his installations. His artworks have been sold to institutional customers and private collectors globally. "Since a couple of years I focus on intergenerational responsibilities applied to human rights in order to create a more sustainable human rights framework spanning over a multi-generational horizon. Apart from my art, my goal for the next years, is to inspire the development of a further advanced human rights framework, that integrates the needs of more than one generation only. Thus protecting future generations and preserving earth for further generations."


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