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Graffiti wallpapers

Graffiti wallpapers

If you’re the type of person who feels at home in the city and you appreciate the work of street artists, then you’ll want to look at our Graffiti wall murals. We are pleased to include several pieces in our collection that feature the bright colors, multiple tones and depth that set apart work by superior graffiti artists. Any of them will bring an urban feel into your space. Happywall knows that some of our customers are looking for a more subtle statement when looking at wallpapers. Our Graffiti wallpaper murals also include simple, single-color images of hearts drawn with chalk or paint and geometric designs if that is more your cup of tea. You can also consider a brightly-colored rendering of a bird in blue and gold tones, a gorilla wearing a pink mask, two police constables sharing an affectionate embrace or an image of a man removing graffiti from a wall. No matter which one of our wall murals you choose, you can rest assured that the design will fit the dimensions of your space. Your mural will be made to your specifications from non-woven, fireproof material.


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