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Lifestyle wall murals

Lifestyle wall murals

Lifestyle is a broad category that includes hobbies, sports and all types of leisure activities. It also encompasses your interests and personal beliefs. Happywall understands that you will want to share images of the things that are important to you with your family, friends and customers. For this reason, we offer a variety of images in our Lifestyle wallpaper murals to suit a variety of decorating styles. Consider adding a mural featuring a peaceful water color image of a mountain lake, with an evergreen forest and a bright red canoe pulled out of the water in the foreground to a bedroom or casual living room. You can capture the power of Mother Nature by selecting wallpapers with surfers testing their skills against the power of the ocean’s waves. A black and white mural of ballerinas dancing lets you show visitors your love and appreciation for dance. These are just some examples of our Lifestyle wall murals. Each one is offered on durable non-woven material and manufactured with eco-friendly inks. We invite you to explore the entire collection to choose your favorite for yourself.


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