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Kids wallpapers

Kids wallpapers

At Happywall, we believe kids rooms and play spaces should be places where kids can (and should) be able to let their imagination roam free. Whether your kids dreams of exploring the world, is interested in friendly animals or enjoys realistic photographs, Happywall’s collection of kids wall murals is sure to please. Encourage your children to get carried away as they think about where they would like to visit in the basket of a hot air balloon or examines a world map. Friendly retro robots, golden retrievers, foxes, sheep and snowmen wait to say, “Hello.” Our zoo animal or undersea-themed wallpapers have enough variety in the pattern to encourage children to help young children learn names of different animals, colors and comparing sizes. If your goal is to make a child’s bedroom a place dedicated to sleep, our wallpaper murals include selections such as a dreamy dark sky with a full moon, bright stars and soft, cloud-like depictions. The entire image is a peaceful one, without being childish. Our children’s collection also includes images that experiment with pastel colors by adding mermaid scales, unicorn glitter or even mermaid butterflies for a completely enchanting look.


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