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Hanging Instructions Happy Mattic Peel&Stick

Recommended tools

Wallpaper brush
Soft Squeegee

Prep your wall

Using a damp cloth or sponge, clean the surface with warm water and mild soap. Allow the walls to dry for a minimum of 24 hours. While cleaning your wall take the last opportunity to finally check: is this a smooth surface? Orange peel, knockdown or a rough wall will make the peel&stick wallpaper challenges to adhere to the wall, if the surface is not smooth we recommend the conventional non woven wallpaper with paste the wall glue. Have you freshly painted walls before application, preferably a light uniform colour if it differs significantly from your wallpaper as dark patterns / colours may show through. You should give your walls 4-6 weeks to fully cure completely.

At the same time as cleaning the wall

Lay flat all your tiles as the wallpaper might have a curl memory from the roll. We recommend at least 24hrs to be flat and climatized in the same room as intended for installation.

Hanging wallpaper 1-5

Start by dividing the lengths as indicated by the cutting symbols. Lay the lengths flat, with the label facing upwards, in numerical order starting with length number 1. Make sure you have all the lengths and that none of them are defective or damaged.

2–5. The lengths are numbered in the order in which they must be hung. The lengths should be hung edge to edge without any overlapping. It is essential that the first length is vertically straight. Tip: Make a pencil mark one wallpaper width along the wall near the ceiling. Hold a plumb line on the mark and draw a vertical line down the wall. Then line up your first length of wallpaper with this pencil line.

2 & 3. Peel the paper from the backing about a third at time, smooth with your hands as you go. Find your own way, we recommend working from middle

Make sure your panels are not overlapping and are put seam-to-seam. If your panel is not perfectly positioned, do not worry, you can carefully rear down the panel and reposition it again.

Finally when you have your panel(s) on your wall, use the squeegee and smooth out all possible air between the panel and your wall to make the wallpaper adhere to the wall.

Once all the wallpaper has been hung, cut off any excess along the ceiling and floor. Always use a sharp blade to avoid tearing the paper. Enjoy the result!
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