Frequently asked questions

Wallpaper (6)

What material is the wallpaper made of?
The wallpaper is made from a stable and durable material (Non-Woven). It is classified as fireproof, and is UV-resistant and wipeable. Production uses eco-friendly inks and the material is PVC free.
How do I hang the wallpaper?
The wallpaper is easy to hang and we include detailed instructions and wallpaper paste. The wallpaper is delivered in numbered panels, which are hung with no overlaps. The paste is applied straight onto the wall and the numbered panels are hung edge to edge.Top tip!! Add on a bit extra (3-6 cm to the height/width) as walls and ceilings are rarely completely straight.
How do I make wallpaper from my own photo?
Simply upload your photo using the ordering function in our online shop. Click “Upload image” in the “Order” tab and choose “Photo wallpaper”. Once your image has been uploaded, you can set the width and height of your wallpaper. You crop the image to the measurements you want to fit your wall.
What sort of wallpaper paste should I use?
Use the wallpaper paste included.
How do I know whether my image is a high enough resolution?
When you are uploading an image and cropping it to the size you want, there’s a quality meter as part of the ordering function that shows the quality you need for images printed as wallpaper. If the image quality isn’t high enough, you won’t be able to order. One simple rule is to always upload your image at the highest possible resolution. If you are using one of our ready-made designs there’s a recommended largest size for the wallpaper.
I’ve got a photo printed on photo paper, can I use that?
No, we can’t take orders from developed photos as we can’t guarantee the quality of the end result will be good enough. But if you have a negative, you can scan it in in a photo shop and then order as normal through our website.

Delivery (1)

How long will it take for my wallpaper to arrive?
We normally deliver within 3-6 working days.

Complaints (3)

How do you deal with complaints?
If your product is faulty or broken, we will replace it free of charge. Send an e-mail to with the following information:

1. Your order number
2. Tell us why you want to return the product
3. Wait for an answer accepting your return with instructions for how to return your product.
Will you give me my money back?
If you aren’t satisfied with your product, contact us and we will do all we can to sort the problem out.
I’ve found a fault in my wallpaper after putting it up, what do I do?
It’s up to you as a customer to check the wallpaper before hanging it on the wall. We are unable to exchange/return wallpaper after it has been put up. NOTE: We do not compensate costs arising from incorrect installation, e.g. time spent, materials, etc.