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Movie wall murals

Movie wall murals

Many of us enjoy watching movies. We may have wonderful memories of time spent in movie theatres that include the smell of butter on popcorn and the eager anticipation of seeing a feature film on the big screen. You can share your appreciation for film stars and your favorite movies by choosing one of the dramatic wall murals from our Movies collection. Each one of our movie wallpapers is immediately recognizable with a famous actor or scene from a well-known film. Share your admiration for the work of icons like Marilyn Monroe, Clint Eastwood and Brigitte Bardot by hanging a PVC-free mural made from non-woven materials on your wall. These black and white or color-enhanced photographs would look stunning in a number of locations, including a living room, recreation room, dining room or bedroom. Consider one of these exquisite wallpaper murals for a commercial establishment, such as a bar, beauty salon, movie theater or retail space. With their quality imagery and ease of application, our Movie wall murals make an excellent choice for any room where they are placed.


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