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Steffen Gierok
Steffen Gierok

Steffen Gierok

My name is Steffen Gierok and I come from the beautiful Saxony Anhalt in a small village called Augsdorf. After my training as an advertising template manufacturer, I decided to work independently. I founded my company MAGIC ARTIST DESIGN. Since then I have been photographing and editing pictures from the fields of flora and fauna, landscapes as well as architecture and still life. My digital eye My eye for photography is the Nikon D7000 and various Nikkor lenses. Mainly I use the Nikkor 18-200mm and the Nikkor 10-24mm. This also includes some intent filters, such as the ND8 gray filter. I like to use this when taking water. Of course the remote control and the tripod should not be missing. processing Using image editing programs like Lightromm, I develop my photos and give them my personal look. Emotions and moods are reflected in my pictures. By coloring and design they are underlined again. I sell all my works as pictures for the wall, on different materials and at different companies.


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