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Typography wall murals

Typography wall murals

If you have ever gone through the list of fonts on a word processing program to choose one that looks neat and clean for school or business purposes, you already have an idea of how important typography is to everyday life. The words we use are (obviously) an important part of communication, and our Typography wallpaper murals demonstrate how their appearance can be an art form, too. This doesn’t mean that our wallpapers take themselves too seriously. To prove this point, check out the letterpress selections featuring either “Art” or “Design” prominently on the mural. The warm, inviting colors make this an ideal option for a living room, dining room, bedroom, office or classroom. The Typography wallpaper murals collection also includes favorite sayings like, “You Can’t Touch This” and “All You Need is Love,” which look great on any wall, an alphabet pattern with a retro theme and dialogue bubbles in bright pink and blue on a white background saying, “Hi” in multiple languages. To create an immediate conversation starter, choose to place a mural of a super-sized barcode on your wall.


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